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The conceptual project consists of a design concept of space and function, choice of colours, finishing elements of floors and walls as well as furniture and lighting.
It is therefore a complete design concept of space, which enables to carry out renovation works and to perform interior decoration.
You receive the project in two printed copies and one on CD.
The project includes:

Graphics concerning:
- presentation showing a new space setting divided into zones and functions
- demolition and new walls
- hydraulic issues – location of water and sewage outlets and heaters, including floor heating
- location of electric lights, power leads intended for devices, switches and light control method **
- kitchen furniture, wardrobes and other items to be made by carpenter

Selection of:
- floor finishing materials along with a graphic showing their arrangement
- wall finishing materials
- doors, mounts, handles
- ceramics and fittings
- household appliances
- furniture and lighting
- window decorations
- other elements specific for a given interior, such as fireplaces, stairs design, railings, etc.

The price of a conceptual project amounts to 300PLN/m2***.

We also offer a possibility of ordering a project that includes all necessary sectoral projects such as architecture, construction, air conditioning and ventilation, carbon dioxide installations, sewage and water supply systems, fire prevention system, electrical and telecommunication systems. Projects are developed by experts of a given field, who have the necessary qualifications and certificates. This offer is addressed mainly to the owners of commercial premises and public buildings.
The cost of developing a sectoral projects is 150PLN/m2.

* If you choose this form of cooperation, you will work with a qualified interior designers of our studio, and the project will be consulted by the studio owner Monika Goszcz-Kłos

** In addition, you can order smart home project, but the project is calculated separately.

*** The project does not include a visualization of rooms. Such service requires an additional fee of 50 PLN/m2


The complex project consists of both conceptual project, as described above, the author’s supervision and care ensured by the studio, in the course of the project.

The projects developed on the basis of this offer are always supervised directly by the owner of the studio – Monika Goszcz-Kłos and she is responsible for the entire vision, its implementation as well as contact with you.

This is an exclusive offer addressed to selected customers.
When choosing a complex project, you will receive:
- visualizations, which price is included in the price of the project
- sectoral project, which price is included in the price of the project
- full author’s supervision
- all orders of furniture and finishing materials and pricing of items on request as well as complaining performed by GOSZCZDESIGN
- receiving the goods on the site and checking its quality and compliance with the order
- contact with our approved companies from all sectors
- assisting in the ongoing issues relating to the construction, such as the approval of the administration, etc.
- comprehensive assistance depending on your needs, including making "a turn-key investment"

The price of complex project amounts to 500PLN/m2*
A turn-key investment is an offer addressed to people, who do not have the time to deal with issues connected with project and construction and prefer to entrust them to professionals.
The scope and price is determined in this case individually.
As a rule, the investor determines the budget and basic guidelines such as features that an apartment has to fulfil, style that suits him, and then allows the designers to invent and implement the entire project.
In such a case, we complete the investment after a certain time. It is then ready to live, fully furnished, equipped with bedding, dishes and all necessary utensils and cleaned.

* the presented prices are approximate, each project is treated individually. Prices can be negotiated for large spaces and in a case when you do not wish to take advantage of all the services offered. Prices do not include VAT.

We also provide architectural and decorating advices that are priced individually.
You can also order the equipment by our studio with discounts from 10% up to 30%. We can also price the materials, furniture and lighting for you, regardless of the fact whether you are our customer, or you already have a project.