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has existed since 2004, though its first designs arose several years before the company’s founding. It is a designer studio owned and operated by Monika Goszcz-Kłos. Interested in design since she was a child, her breakthrough came in 2000 when her first design was published in Wysokie Obcasy, the weekend women’s magazine that comes out with Gazeta Wyborcza.

She designs apartments and houses as well as public spaces. Her work so far includes: No Comment Bar&Club, the Warsaw night club Utopia, the minimalist florist Secret Garden, and some office spaces in Warsaw. She has also authored the conception for selected Atlantic salons.
No Comment Bar&Club
Apartment Moscow
Office Warsaw V
Office Warsaw III
She draws inspiration from everything around her, always observing her surroundings carefully, whether on
a street in Warsaw or a fair in Milan. Her favorite brands are Boffi, Antonio Lupi, Moooi, but she is always on
the lookout for new companies and ideas – she doesn’t restrict herself to the group of those she is familiar with. She was the first designer in Poland to start using Jaime Hayon products and Bisazza mosaics, which have become highly popular and fashionable on account of her designs.

She also initiated the fashion for black-and-white interiors, which now has numerous imitators, industry
has called her Polish Coco Chanel. She began to create interiors in an eclectic neo-baroque aesthetic
ahead of the trend. Studying the old masters, she created her own contemporary concept of stucco laying, which she has made her own domain.

She values designers who think outside the box and are able to play with design, which is why she counts Joseph Dirand, Marcel Wanders and Philippe Starck among her favorites. She herself takes joy in designing,
which continues to be more than just her profession – it’s her passion.

Utopia Club
Sushi Bar Conception
Each job begins by carefully listening to the client’s needs, then responding appropriately to meet them. Contact with the client is the most important for her, as this is the only way to effectively turn ideas into
reality. Thanks to clients every design is different, because each one reflects the homeowner’s nature and preferences. That’s why some interiors have vivid dashes of color, are energetic and warm, while others are minimalist and cool or baroque. But a common denominator is visible in all of them, from her point of view as a designer: it’s black and white, the best materials and design on the highest world level.

Her designs have frequently appeared in Polish and world interior decoration magazines, including
Dom&Wnętrze, Dobre Wnętrze, Architektura and Beautiful Houses. "VIVA DECOR", "The Most Beautiful
Polish Interiors In Classical And Palace Style".

By Dom&Wnętrze, she has been recognized as one of the top ten Polish interior designers.
In 2011 and 2012 she was on the jury of the "Good Design" competition. Monika Goszcz received award of the second edition of Vasco contest. Atelier No. 1  designed by her, won the 2008 contest Modne Miejsca.
She works only with the highest-level brands that devote equal attention to production quality and design excellence


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